Kativik School Board Collective Agreement

Working Conditions Outside the Agreement – Cree SB (AENQ Website) A transaction agreement was reached in April last year, but since then the employer has tried to narrow the way in this negotiated agreement. The KRG finally heard the reason and decided to respect the April agreement, the union said. “The KRG (Kativik-Regionalregierung) has dropped all its demands which were not negotiable for us and we have pay increases of 2.5 per cent for the first three years of the agreement and 2 per cent for the last, which is more than respectable. We also got a retroactivity for our members and indexed it with diems,” said Victor Mesher, President of KRGEU. The KRG requested the withdrawal of a contract letter allowing the organization to attract and retain a skilled workforce. The withdrawal of this measure would have cost members between $5,000 and $10,000 a year in lost wages. Fortunately, this request was abandoned by the KRG, according to the union. Members of the Kativik Regional Government Employees Union (KRGEU) adopted a new collective agreement on 18 December. Three-year contract offers increases each year of the agreement: KRGEU ..